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Eminence College is offering two term exam for HSC, BBA & CSE (Professional) in a year. Each semester ends with an exam. Report cards will be prepared based on monthly Class Tests, Class performances and annual exams. All parents/guardians are requested to collect their report cards personally and discuss about the student’s progress with the respective teacher during the specific time. In this regard we cordially expect your co-operation.


College will remain closed on Fridays and Public Holidays. The Annual Holidays list will be provided to all students. In case of Optional Holidays the College Management decision will be deem as official and final. Students are expected to follow this and attend College accordingly. Notice of unexpected closure will be given verbally and/or in writing memo whenever possible. However, Parents / Guardians are requested to use their discretion during “Hortals” or other unforeseen events. If in any doubt please inquire to College admin Office. In case of emergency or special occasions (except Hortals) you will be informed from the College Admin. Therefore, Parents / Guardians are requested to keep your contact details updated in all times.


If any student is absent due to illness then he / she must bring a Letter of Excuse from their parents. Number of days and a doctors certificate must be mentioned and enclose with the letter. If any students required to remain absent from the College due to other reasons, a prior permission must be taken from the College Management. Any Tests/Exams missed during that absence period cannot be taken unless prior permission has been obtained.

A consecutive three days absent in a month will be report to the parents and they must authenticate the reason of absences in writing.


Parents / Guardian of Students arriving late must enter the reason for the delay on consecutive late attendances will be marked as one day absent.


All students must conform to College Dress code.

General Rules

  • * Students are expected to be punctual and pleasant always.
  • * Do not carry lot of money and heavy jewellery (small ear / finger ring is allowed)
  • * Please keep your mobile silent during class time, and no ring tone is allowed.
  • * In case of any emergency message to student the parents/guardian must call the admission officer at +880-1551-605034 of 01749092223 in detail if needed and talked with the permission of the class teacher.