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Welcome to Eminence College

Eminence College is an endeavor established recently as a symbol of ideal institution to impart education with morality, ethics and values to the ambitious young generation of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. I am proud to take such initiative on the context of the need of such institution at this time in the country to inspire and communicate the aim and objectives of the liberation war fought in 1971 against the rulers of Pakistan. I feel that each one of the youngsters must realize the facts of the history of independence with deep respect to the martyrs and the vision of the need of this independent Bangladesh. I feel that all the students those who will be studying in the college to build their career will also grow up with values of our great independence war and will carry the inspiration of the dream of the martyr who sacrificed their life to liberate the country for the freedom of the people.   .

Eminence College is a college that is committed to value and provide:

  •  high academic achievement within a learning focused environment.
  • an individualized approach to tracking, monitoring and reporting learner academic progress
  • a culture of respect and responsibility through restorative practices and promotion of the college RESPECT CODE
  • the opportunity for our young people to develop talents and interests in a wide range of sporting, cultural , leadership and service experiences
  • a culture of acceptance and understanding of cultural diversity through our innovative  student program
  • clear pathways for college leavers towards higher education and employment through our strong Gateway and Academic Counseling programs


Group Captain

Abu Zafar Chowdhury, psc (Retd)