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Eminence College is taking exams mainly in the term system. Each term consists of three types of exams. The durations and marks distributions of these exams are as follow:

Name Of The Exam Exam Duration Exam Marks Class
Weekly 10 Minutes (approximately) 10 All
Model Test 1 Hour 25 H.S.C
Term 3 Hours 100 H.S.C, BBA & CSE Professional

Weekly Exam

Every weekly exam for each subject carries 10 marks.

Model Test

Model Test Model Test (one or two carrying 25 marks) are taken before the term exams

Team Exam

Term exams are taken which carry 50/100 marks, depending on the class. In higher secondary classes 60 marks is allotted for a 2 hour exam and 100 for a 3 hour exam. Students of BBA ∓ CSE (Professional) will seat for Exam in three different parts like 2 midterm and 1 semester final. In mid term exam 50 marks allotted for 1 hour 30 minutes and semester final exam 3 hours for 100 marks.

The students are issued printed admit cards as in board/university exams for attending the term exam. No student can sit for the term exam without this admit card. There is difference in the sitting arrangement of these exams. The weekly tests are arranged in the classroom. The invigilators check if the students have written their name, roll no, section etc. orrectly on their answer script and appropriateness of the answers the students make. The evaluated scripts of weekly model test and term exams are shown in the classroom and sent to the guardians for informing them of the performance of their wards.The scripts, after being signed by the guardians, are preserved by the institution.